Full-time Staff
Eric "Gil"
Gil & Jamie

     Hello Everyone! My name is Gil, Iím the director at Glad Tidings Bible Camp in North-east Nebraska. Iím extremely excited to see and be a part of the amazing things God is doing at the camp and in the area.

     My wonderful wife, Jamie and I have been married since 2002. We moved up to the camp from Omaha, Nebraska. We have a cat named Royal. I love to play strategy board games like Settlers of Catan and Agricola. I like to play campfire songs on the guitar. And I bring quite a number of years of camping experience to Glad Tidings.

     It has been great to meet some of you who have been involved in Glad Tidings! Each person I meet brings a new story of how camp has impacted them. Iím very much looking forward to talking and partnering with everyone who wants to see the camp move forward to accomplish the Campís mission to impact lives for Jesus Christ.

Glad Tidings - Rebecca Baehr

       Hi! My name is Rebecca Baehr and I moved to Glad Tidings in the fall of 2016.  I work as the campís General Assistant, which means I do a little bit of everything. I clean the camp, organize the buildings, help with the mowing, work on camp mailings, plan the meals for our summer camps and retreats, help in the kitchen, and just about anything else anybody needs me to do!

     I moved here after a prayerful and diligent search for a ministry to be a part of. I ended up at Glad Tidings after talking to Gil and Jamie who I met at another camp we used to be involved with. Based on conversations with them, I saw all of the pieces fall into place confirming that this is where God wanted me to be.

     I grew up in Southeast Nebraska outside of a small town of about 500 people. I was homeschooled from the 4th grade through high school. Then, I enjoyed serving families as a homeschooling motherís helper. I also cleaned houses and took care of the elderly in their homes. Now, when Iím not working at camp, I work as an audio transcriptionist and a bookkeeper to supplement my income. Some of the things that I enjoy doing in my spare time are crocheting, playing board games, and spending time with family and friends.

     I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here serving God at camp. I am excited to see what else He is going to do!

Mary Sawatzke
Glad Tidings - Mary Sawatzke

       Mary Sawatzke was hired April 2019 to help Glad Tidings Bible Camp with fund raising, friend raising, and general marketing. She worked for 17 years in fund raising in various positions such as Office Manager, Database Administrator and Prospect Researcher. She has worked the last 4 years as a Real Estate Broker.
    After many prayers and much consideration, she was led to this position. She says her greatest prayer is that she can help make a difference and assist in Glad Tidings moving forward as they impact lives for Christ. She and her husband Kim live in Crofton. They have four ďFABULOUSĒ grown children and a bunch of ďAMAZINGĒ grandkids! She says she ďis so thankful the Lord has provided this opportunity for me to be a part of this ministry and I CANNOT wait to see what wonderful things He has in store for GTBC!Ē

Summer Staff

     We are looking for a number of volunteer summer staff to serve 1-4 weeks in an exciting ministry role. In general, we want leaders for Sr. High camp to be at least 2 years out of high school and those who will be working directly with all other campers to be middle-grade high schoolers or older, but we will find a place for younger volunteers as well. If you are considering being a part of our amazing Summer Staff Team, please prayerfully take the following steps:


Consider which position(s) you would like to volunteer for. Read through the following position(s) you are interested in filling:

Program Staff:

Support Staff:


Apply Apply

Each applicant will need two references to fill out a reference form and submit it to the camp. References should be able to give insight into the spiritual maturity of the applicant and their ability to work in a children/youth-focused ministry.

As a part of the application process (above), you will be asked for contact info for your references and an email form will be sent to them.


If your reference(s) would rather have a form to print and mail in, you/they may print it here:
Reference Form
The form needs to be mailed to:
Glad Tidings Bible Camp
89238 544th Ave.
Bloomfield, NE 68718


We will be contacting you between now and early May to discuss your application. Those we accept as volunteer staff will be notified soon thereafter, and we will ask you to commit to coming for your available week(s). Plan to come to camp the evening before that camp starts (for training and prep) and stay until the evening that camp ends (for de-brief and cleaning).


Once you're accepted, go subscribe to the "2018 GTBC Summer Staff" Facebook group. Also, we will be emailing you a Volunteer Staff Info Packet.


Help us find more Volunteer Summer Staff by telling your friends. Also, encourage kids you know to come to camp.


Put these important dates on your calendar

  • May 1 - Staff Applications Due
  • May 28-30 - Required Staff Training
  • May 31-June1 (Lower Elementary Camp), June 17-22 (Senior High Camp), June 24-29 (Middle School Camp), July 8-13 (Upper Elementary Camp), July 14-21 (Wilderness Camp), July 25-29 (Adventure Camp)
  • August ? - Staff Apprecition Event

If you would like, you may create a design for the summer's T-shirt. Everyone who applies to be on staff before May 1st can vote for their favorite design - and it could be yours!

The deadline for submitting a design has passed.


Be praying now that God will effectively use you to impact lives for Jesus Christ.