Worship/Music Team Job Description

The Worship/Music Team will involve 2-4 people each week including a Worship/Music Team Head. Musical ability and a spiritual leadership mindset are important to setting the tone for the camp experience and are wonderful gifts from God. In general, the members of the Worship/Music Team will be capable of singing and/or playing a musical instrument including guitar, piano/keyboard, and drums as a part of a Worship Team; though we will consider your involvement even if you do not feel you have those skills. The following responsibilities are the general functions of those on the Worship/Music Team, but it is important to have a humble, willing heart and attitude as members of the Worship/Music Team may be asked to serve in other areas of camp.

The Worship/Music Team will be responsible to:

  • Plan, prepare, and lead music times including during Chapel Time, Campfire times, and others.
  • Work closely with the speaker and Program Director especially in regards to the focus of the week seeking to ensure that the songs/music supplement and build up the big purposes of camp and/or the specific spiritual themes presented that summer/week.
  • Work closely with the Media Team to ensure they have the proper lyrics, arrangement, and song order for PowerPoint presentations as well as to coordinate music to go with the slideshow(s).
  • Work to ensure that music presented at camp is positive (sound and lyrics), encouraging (lyric/message), and Christian (message and in the Christian market).
  • Practice music.
  • Interact with campers in a loving, enthusiastic manner being mindful that your example can impact lives for Jesus Christ.
  • Be spiritually minded and prepared through a daily prayer time and Bible time (even now in preparation for the summer).

The Worship/Music Team Head will have demonstrated competence and/or experience either as a Glad Tidings Worship/Music Team member in the past or in a similar role elsewhere. They will ensure that these core activities are being completed and will especially take a leadership role on the Worship Team. This may involve making decisions, directing campers and (potentially) other staff, communicating with the rest of the Worship/Music Team and with others in leadership roles including the Program Director and the Camp Director, and maintaining the resources needed to perform the functions of the Worship/Music Team for that week of camp. The Worship/Music Team Head will have the Worship/Music Team responsibilities as their primary focus for the week and is responsible to the Program Director for the week and will accept direction and input from the Camp Director.