Enter Our T-shirt Contest!

It’s time to design a T-shirt for the 2017 Summer Camp! And, you can be a part of the fun! Design a cool t-shirt, send it in, and it could end up being on our summer t-shirts all over camp. Here's how to enter!

Glad Tidings - T-shirt Design ContestThis year’s theme is going to be “Living In The Kingdom” and will focus on learning about God's Kingdom and how we can live in His royal family. And, we would like the t-shirt to reflect this.

The Theme Verse is Psalm 145:13A "Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and Your dominion endures through all generations." 

So, be creative! Think about Kings, knights, castles, trebuchets (yes, that's for you, Dawson!) and everything related to that. Then, come up with your own, unique, cool design (or multiple ones, if you would like) and share it with us.p>

Each design must include; 1) "Glad Tidings Bible Camp" or "GTBC", and 2) the year.
Designing the back is not necessary, but if you want to do this, it must include; 1) "Staff" in a separate text block, and 2) the theme verse (unless this is included on the front). If you would like the camp logo image file, email your request to the camp.

The sooner you send it in, the better because everyone applying to be on summer staff gets to vote on the design they think is coolest. The earlier you submit your design, the more people will see it and be able to vote on it. The winning design will be chosen by May 1st and will be featured on the summer T-shirt.

To share it with us:

  1. Get on the internet and visit: www.customink.com
  2. Click “Design Lab” and then “Start Designing”
  3. This opens up a piece of software you can use to create your T-Shirt design
    • Change The Color (if you would like)
    • Add Text
    • Add Clip Art
    • Under the “Add Art” section, you can even upload your own digital graphic/logo/artwork and add it to the image
    • Arrange/move everything until you are satisfied with the placement
  4. When you are satisfied with your design, be sure to click “Save/Send”
    • Give it a unique name
    • Put in your email address
    • Then, in the next window, email the design to gladtidingscamp@gmail.com
    • We will update the Staff Application form to include your design.