Media Team Job Description

The Media Team will involve 1-3 people each week including a Media Team Head. Creative minds and technical ability are valued gifts and can fit well into Godís plan for this camp ministry. The following responsibilities are the general functions of those on the Media Team, but it is important to have a humble, willing heart and attitude as members of the Media Team may be asked to serve in other areas of camp, though, in general not in the position of Counselors/Cabin Leader.

The Counselor/Cabin Leader will be responsible to:

  • Take photos and videos of activities at camp, intentionally covering all general activities and including all campers who are photo authorized.
  • Screen and sort all photos and videos based on appropriateness and eliminating photos of campers not photo authorized.
  • Post all acceptable photos onto UltraCamp.
  • Select and sort out quality photos covering all general activities and including all campers who are photo authorized.
  • Edit select photos for file size and adding a logo and posting those images onto the Glad Tidings Facebook account
  • Creating slideshow(s)/presentation(s)
  • Set up and operate electronics for various parts of the program including Chapel Time
  • As time and talent allows, do any additional projects deemed necessary and/or valuable possibly including (but not limited to) creating a weekly newsletter, storyboarding and shooting and editing a promotional video, and/or creating a yearbook.
  • Interact with campers in a loving, enthusiastic manner being mindful that your example can impact lives for Jesus Christ.
  • Be spiritually minded and prepared through a daily prayer time and Bible time (even now in preparation for the summer).

The Media Team Head will have demonstrated competence and/or experience either as a Glad Tidings Media Team member in the past or in a similar role elsewhere. They will take a leadership role and ensure that these core activities are being completed. This may involve making decisions, directing campers and (potentially) other staff, communicating with the rest of the Media Team and with others in leadership roles including the Program Director and the Camp Director, and maintaining the resources needed to perform the functions of the Media Team for that week of camp. The Media Team Head is responsible to the Program Director for the week and will accept direction and input from the Camp Director.