Maintenance/Yard Care Team Job Description

The Maintenance/Yard Care Team will involve 1-2 people each week including a Maintenance/Yard Care Team Head. This is a vital support role to the functioning of the camp. The following responsibilities are the general functions of those on the Maintenance/Yard Care Team, but it is important to have a humble, willing heart and attitude as this is not a “glamorous” job and members of the Maintenance/Yard Care Team may be asked to serve in other areas of camp, though, in general not in the position of Counselors/Cabin Leader.

The Maintenance/Yard Care Team will be responsible to:

  • Mow and maintain the grounds using a riding mower and weed-eater.
  • Assess and deal with noxious weeds like sand burrs, thistles, and poison ivy/oak under the direction of the Camp Director.
  • Inspect and assess the grounds and facilities/buildings for safety risks and repair needs and communicate needs and/or improvement suggestions to the Camp Director.
  • Work on improvement and/or repair projects as directed by the Camp Director.
  • Coordinate and instruct any volunteers who are on camp for work projects.
  • Track Maintenance resources and communicate needs to the Camp Director
  • As time and talent allows, do any additional projects deemed necessary and/or valuable possibly including (but not limited to) landscaping, remodel/construction, building activities, and constructing decorations for the program.
  • Interact with campers in a loving, enthusiastic manner being mindful that your example can impact lives for Jesus Christ.
  • Be spiritually minded and prepared through a daily prayer time and Bible time (even now in preparation for the summer).

The Maintenance/Yard Care Team Head will have demonstrated competence and/or experience either as a Glad Tidings Maintenance/Yard Care Team member or in the past or in a similar role elsewhere. They will take a leadership role and ensure that these core activities are being completed. This may involve making decisions, communicating with the rest of the Maintenance/Yard Care Team and with others in leadership roles including the Program Director and the Camp Director, and maintaining the resources needed to perform the functions of the Maintenance/Yard Care Team for that week of camp. The Maintenance/Yard Care Team Head is responsible to the Program Director for the week and will accept direction and input from the Camp Director.