Maintenance Building Project
Update - January, 2018

The next big step for the maintenance building is to run electric lines and install outlets and lights. This needs done before we finalize all the workbenches and work spaces. A big project! We have already purchased some of the lights and outlets for it. We just need it installed.

Glad Tidings - Power Cord
Update - August, 2017

     A staircase was installed this summer for easy access to the loft. Also, we were able to bring in a trencher and run an electric line from the Director's House all the way up to the building. We ran an extra water line to the maintenance building and installed a pump. Additionally, we ran an electric line plus water across the road and we installed 2 RV Hookups. Next steps include: adding a railing for the loft, outfitting the electric & lights inside the building, and building up the work spaces.

Update - June, 2017

     The electrical panel has been installed and things conitnue to be rearranged into a more usable area. We are looking to install a staircase in the next couple weeks to easily access the loft.

Update - December, 2016

     The garage door was installed and we can house our vehicles inside for the winter. We are still looking for an opprotunity to trench for electricity.

Update - September, 2016

     We were finally able to find a low cost garage door! Now, we're coordinting a crew to come and trench for electricity. Also, we're installing a hard-wired internet solution between the house and other buildings on camp including the Chateau, the maintenance building, and the Main Building. Exciting times!

Update - June, 2016

     This Spring, we were able to get the rest of the siding up on this building along with the trim! Then, a couple of work crews came out to put up interior walls, rafters over top of those, and then flooring for above those cubbies. This month, an amazing Church group came out and finished putting up shelving and moved everything in!  

Update - November 27, 2015

Our one-day MoneyBomb was successful! Over $2,400 was raised in a little more than 24 hours! This will go towards upcoming costs (unless they are donated) like the door, electrical wiring, trenching, a circuit breaker, light fixtures, stairs, replacement boards for the loft, and then outfitting the building with tools, hooks, & shelves.

Barn Raising:

Over the past week, a number of people have been out to help put the siding and roofing up.
You can see the progress yourself. We're getting close!

Glad Tidings - Maintenance Building 2015-11-27

Continued Needs

As you can see, we're not quite done putting up the siding. We are in need of a little more help in the next few weeks finishing this up. Please contact us if you could come out and find out when we are expecting the weather to cooperate enough to make it happen.
From there, we're already coordinating work crews to come out some time between now and next summer. Would you get together a work crew to come out and do one of the related projects found below.

Update - November 13, 2015


Light Up The Phones
Friday, November 13th

Help us out by calling 10 people you know who might be interested in donating to camp. Let them know they can help in 2 ways:
1) Calling 10 other people who will call 10 other people who will call ...
2) Donate what they can on Saturday to help us put up our Maintenance Building

Saturday, November 14th

On Saturday, let's see how much money we can raise towards this project

All In One Day

Here's Where You Can Donate!

Barn Raising
Friday & Saturday, November 20th & 21st

The Foundation is poured, the Frame is built.
Bring your cordless and come help us put up the Siding and Roofing.
Please let us know if you can help with this so we can plan for lunch.

Update - November, 2015

Friday & Saturday, November 6th & 7th, we are putting up the frame. Then, a few weeks down the road, we are putting on the siding. 

Update - September, 2015

The Concrete has been poured! We have a foundation, walls, and a floor! After harvest, we will begin putting the building up! Now's the time to round up your work crews and set a date to come out.
Glad Tidings - Maintenance Building 9/2015

Update - August, 2015

We have a start date for this project! In September, a contractor will be volunteering their time and equipment to start the dirtwork and pour concrete!

Update - January, 2015

We have secured a property survey (still need funds to pay for this). Now, we are working on a location for the building - a process made more complicated by building issues like setbacks. We are working through those and towards picking a location. Hopefully, we will be able to take more strides soon and actually start erecting the building!
Exciting Times!

The Project

In the short (1 year) time I’ve been here, it has quickly become very clear to me that the next building we need is a Maintenance Building. This would have a big effect on the whole camp. Imagine emptying the two blue cabins and turning one into an Activity Cabin and one into a Craft Cabin! Imagine emptying the cabin on top of the hill and turning it into a Nature Cabin complete with a telescope, bird & plant identification guides, microscope, binoculars, and many more nature-discovery items! Imagine clearing everything out of the Main Building’s furnace room and only putting housekeeping supplies back in (oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful!?!). We would need a place for all the stuff to go. I had told a handful of camp supporters about this idea, and one Friday in the middle of the summer, one of them called me up and said, “I’ve got some news for you!” A local business was going to tear down a 40’x42’ Metal building and said that we could have it if we would come and tear it all down. So, a number of people helped out the next week to take it down and move it to camp!

We have a maintenance building!
Glad Tidings - Maintenance Building

Now, there’s still a whole lot of work to be done to get this building put back up. Would you consider being a part of this exciting project that is going to have an impact on the camp for years to come? Donate to help us defray these costs. Or, get together a work crew, contact us, and coordinate a time you can come out and complete one of these steps!

Steps/Challenges/Needs (rough cost estimates) *=Work Crews

  • Property Line Survey ($750)
  • Determine location
  • Brush & tree clearing*
  • Determine water management solution
  • Ground work/grading
  • Trench ($300)
  • Install 220A Electric Line ($400)
  • Concrete + Footings ($10,000)
  • Put up building*
  • Install Overhead Door(s)*
  • Put up interior walls + loft*
  • Build/Install Interior Shelves & Fixtures ($200)
  • Fence in maintenance yard
  • Move tools & building resources from storage cabins*
  • Clean out Furnace Rooms of everything but housekeeping and put all tools, chemicals, and paint in maintenance building*
  • Put up shelves in storage cabins*
  • Move all activities into activity cabin*
  • Move all crafts into craft cabin*
  • Move all nature items into nature cabin*
  • Glad Tidings - Maintenance Building