Naming Glad Tidings Bible Camp In Your Will

Legacy/Estate Planning is encouraged for everyone no matter the size of their property. Without a will, your estate will be distributed in a way that may not reflect your wishes. Gifts such as these can reduce (or even eliminate) estate taxes your beneficiaries may owe. On the other hand, your estate can be very beneficial to the development of our ministry if you so choose to leave it or a portion of it to us.

If you have any questions about naming Glad Tidings in your will or would like to let us know that you have done so, please contact us!


  1. Set up a Will or a Living Trust – Make sure to secure legal help to do so.
  2. Decide what property/gift you would like to make to the camp
  3. Simply name “Glad Tidings Bible Camp, Bloomfield, NE” as a beneficiary for that gift
  4. Decide if you would like to direct how the gift might be used – Please consider that over time, the camp’s needs will change – we encourage you to include a statement like, “If the gift cannot be used for these intended purposes, it may be put toward such purposes as the board of directors decides.”

Donate Commodities Directly To Glad Tidings

Commodities can be donated directly to the camp. This can reduce your taxable income by the amount of the gift. That will, in turn, reduce your tax liability for the year. This can be a much better option for you as the sale of the same commodity would be counted as taxable income and subject to income tax.


  1. You must be a cash-basis farmer, actively engaged in a farming activity.
  2. You must pass the title to the commodity to Glad Tidings. We then must be the ones to call up the holder (elevator or feed lot) and request the commodity to be sold.
  3. Talk with your tax advisor to set up this option.
 Donor-advised Fund

If you end up one year with an abnormally large amount to donate one year, you can set up a special donor-advised fund to spread out the donations over a period of a number of years and give yourself a larger tax benefit when you might need it more. This option does not result in a charitable deduction, but instead, it reduces your grose income by the amount donated. Then, you can gain the donation benefit down the road.

Please talk to your tax and/or estate planner/adviser to set up this option.


All contributions are solicited with the understanding that Glad Tidings Bible Camp
 has complete discretion & control over the use of all donated funds.

Thank you for considering this means of supporting this ministry!