Disc Golf Tournament

1 player younger than 16

Glad Tidings Bible Camp
89238 544 Ave
Bloomfield, NE
(7 miles west of Crofton
then 2 1/4 miles north)

7/5/2021 10am - 7pm

Glad Tidings - Disc Golf
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Baskets Borrowed From
The Ace Coalition
Prize Support From
Kopetsky's Ace Hardware
  • This is a 9-hole temporary course, with two tees on each hole.
  • Registration is $10 per pair (a group of 2 players).
  • At least one participant in each pair must be younger than 16.
  • At least one participant in each pair must throw from the long tee. This may be either player, may change each hole, and both participants may throw from the longer tee.
  • Scores from each participant in the pair will be added together for a final total.
  • Any pair that has scored as low or lower than any pair scored prior to them will start a second round and play 5 holes. This round will serve as a sudden-death playoff in the event of a tie at the end of the day. Each hole will be scored by adding together the scores from both participants in the group, and each hole will serve as a subsequent tie-breaker, starting with hole 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, and then 5. This second round will take priority over other tee times.
  • In the event of a further tie, any prizes available will be split as evenly as possible.
  • Individuals and/or groups may register for and play multiple rounds, paying the entry fee for each round.
  • Tee times are every 10 minutes starting at 10am and ending at 7pm.
  • Both players must check in in-person 5 minutes prior to their tee time. If your group does not check in on time, you will have to wait either until an open time slot or until a clear opportunity to tee off opens up.
  • Each Glad Tidings 2021 summer camper may register and play for one free round (the registration cost for their pair’s first round is waived). They may play additional rounds, but they must pay the registration cost.
  • Three throws are near water, and one long tee crosses the water. Floating discs will be available to borrow upon request.
  • Lunch & Supper will be available on site for purchase for $5/meal. Meals are to be determined, but will likely consist of hot dogs, burgers/BBQ sandwiches/sloppy joe's, chips, nachos, pop/drink, and/or similar foods.
  • The course will be available to the public to play on June 27th, July 3rd (mid-afternoon through evening only), July 4th, and July 8-9. Donations are welcomed for these play times.
  • The course may be played by the public the day of the tournament providing there are no tee times scheduled at that time (including earlier than 10am). Donations are welcomed for those play times.
  • Income from this event and donations from public play times will go towards purchasing and installing a permanent course on camp.
  • Water, restrooms, storm shelters, and first aid will be available at the event.
  • Per camp policy, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are not allowed on site
  • Your registration information will not be used for any purpose other than to communicate about this tournament.
  • There will not be any mandatories or island holes.
  • Out-of-bounds
    • Out-of-bounds areas include:
      • Outside of the barb-wire fence surrounding the property
      • In the water (pond or creek/swamp)
      • On or past the gravel road bounding the west edge of the property (not including the gravel drive on camp)
    • Each throw that lands out-of-bounds incurs a 1-stroke penalty.
    • On the Hole 5 Long Tee (over the water), if the throw from the tee lands in the water, the short tee becomes the drop zone.
    • All other throws that land out-of-bounds (including any from the Hole 5 Short Tee) must be brought back to the point where they crossed the out-of-bounds line.
  • Please be respectful of the camp grounds and property. If either player causes any damage to the camp grounds or property that is deemed unreasonable or intentional, players agree to pay for the repair of said damage.
  • Players must agree to hold Glad Tidings Bible Camp and all tournament hosts and helpers harmless in the instance of injury of disease incurred while on camp grounds or participating in this event. Participants are required to have their own insurance policy.

For more information, contact Gil at 402-882-0002
or gladtidingscamp@gmail.com
Glad Tidings Bible Camp
89238 544 Ave
Bloomfield, NE 68718
7 miles west of Crofton on Hwy 12, then 2.5 miles north

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