65th Anniversary Celebration
  Glad Tidings - 1957
Saturday, July 10th, 2021
10am - Evening

Promotional Flyer

Glad Tidings - 2020

Come join in the celebration of the camp's 65th Anniversary!

 Glad Tidings - Celebration

Saturday Activities
at Glad Tidings

We will be offering activities throughout the day. Feel free to participate, or just sit and visit. We will have plenty of historical camp pics to browse through! 

  • Camp Tour
  • Photos, Stories, & Skits
  • Camp Activities
  • Mother Holmes' Nibble Inn
  • Game Tournaments
  • Camp Mealtimes
  • Softball Game
  • Campfire


For questions or more information about this event, contact us!


Please RSVP by June 1st


Sunday Activities

A Look Back At The Legacy

Community Bible Church

More than a page of the Camp's history involves the history of Community Bible Church. So many people have been involved in both ministries. We have coordinated our celebrations so that you can come to one or both of these events!  

  • Sunday Service
  • Special Music
  • Fellowship Meal
  • Sharing, Reminiscing, & Visiting

For more information about this celebration specifically, contact Janita Kube, 402-640-0105
or janitakube @ gmail.com

Hosted by
Restore Church - Crofton Campus
54669 NE-12, Crofton, NE

Print an event flyer and share it with your friends!

Admission to both events is free! Again, feel free to come to one or both events!
The schedule and activities are yet to be fully determined. We will post more info here
and send it out via email and social media as it becomes available.

A limited number of private rooms ($20/night), cabin/dorm rooms ($5/person/night)
& camper hookups ($15/night) are available at camp (call us for availability)

Saturday Lunch & Saturday Supper will be provided by the camp.
Sunday Lunch will be provided by the church. We will have donation baskets out for freewill offerings)